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Add support of optgroups to WTForms' default SelectField class
from wtforms.fields import SelectField as BaseSelectField
from wtforms.validators import ValidationError
from wtforms.widgets import HTMLString, html_params, escape
from wtforms.widgets import Select as BaseSelectWidget
__all__ = ('SelectField', 'SelectWidget')
class SelectWidget(BaseSelectWidget):
Add support of choices with ``optgroup`` to the ``Select`` widget.
def render_option(cls, value, label, mixed):
Render option as HTML tag, but not forget to wrap options into
``optgroup`` tag if ``label`` var is ``list`` or ``tuple``.
if isinstance(label, (list, tuple)):
children = []
for item_value, item_label in label:
item_html = cls.render_option(item_value, item_label, mixed)
html = u'<optgroup label="%s">%s</optgroup>'
data = (escape(unicode(value)), u'\n'.join(children))
coerce_func, data = mixed
selected = coerce_func(value) == data
options = {'value': value}
if selected:
options['selected'] = u'selected'
html = u'<option %s>%s</option>'
data = (html_params(**options), escape(unicode(label)))
return HTMLString(html % data)
class SelectField(BaseSelectField):
Add support of ``optgorup``'s' to default WTForms' ``SelectField`` class.
So, next choices would be supported as well::
('Fruits', (
('apple', 'Apple'),
('peach', 'Peach'),
('pear', 'Pear')
('Vegetables', (
('cucumber', 'Cucumber'),
('potato', 'Potato'),
('tomato', 'Tomato'),
widget = SelectWidget()
def iter_choices(self):
We should update how choices are iter to make sure that value from
internal list or tuple should be selected.
for value, label in self.choices:
yield (value, label, (self.coerce,
def pre_validate(self, form, choices=None):
Don't forget to validate also values from embedded lists.
default_choices = choices is None
choices = choices or self.choices
for value, label in choices:
found = False
if isinstance(label, (list, tuple)):
found = self.pre_validate(form, label)
if found or value ==
return True
if not default_choices:
return False
raise ValidationError(self.gettext(u'Not a valid choice'))

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@elidickinson elidickinson commented Dec 13, 2013

We posted a version of this code here:

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