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Make possible to use all Python string methods as Django template filters
Make possible to use all Python string methods as Django template filters. Also
provide custom template tag ``{% stringmethod %}`` to use methods with more
than one argument, like ``format``, ``count`` and other.
1. Django template system do not provide multiple arguments for filters, so
for calling::
'The sum of {0} and {1} is {2}.'.format(1, 2, 3)
you need to use ``{% stringmethod %}`` template tag. E.g.::
{% load string_filters %}
{% stringmethod "The sum of {0} and {1} is {2}." 1 2 3 %}
2. Django template system allow to use only named arguments in filter or
simple tag definition, and doesn't understand using of magic ``*args`` list.
For string methods this problem fixes by using max of three arguments, cause
``count``, ``endswith``, ``find``, ``index``, ``replace``, ``rfind``,
``rindex`` and ``startswith`` works with three arguments, other methods
needs two args or lower.
3. Keyword arguments for ``format`` method does not supported.
4. ``stringfilters`` does not support ``join`` string method for honor of
using built-in Django template filter.
Save this gist anywhere of ``templatetags`` directory for app listed in
Django already provides several Python string methods as template filters.
There are ``center``, ``ljust``, ``lower``, ``rjust``, ``title`` and ``upper``.
And ``stringmethods`` allow to use all another string methods in your
Django templates.
Using Python string methods as Django template filters
This solution is good for particular reasons, but bad for ``replace`` or other
methods needed more that one argument. Example, python code::
'\tfor i in range(4):\n'.expandtabs(4)
In Django templates::
{{ "\tfor i in range(4)"|expandtabs:4 }}
{{ ""|rstrip:"/" }}
Using {% stringmethod %} template tag
For advanced reasons or for ``replace`` method you should use this template
tag. Let's see examples, python code::
'abc'.replace('abc', 'def')
'1 2 Some text'.split(' ', 2)
In Django templates::
{% stringmethod "replace" "abc" "abc" "def" %}
{% stringmethod "split" "1 2 Some text" " " 2 %}
from django.template import Library
from django.template.defaultfilters import stringfilter
register = Library()
def stringmethod(name, value, first=None, second=None, third=None):
return make_filter(name)(value, first, second, third)
def make_filter(name):
def filter(value, first=None, second=None, third=None):
args = [first, second, third]
method = getattr(value, name)
while True:
return method(*args)
except TypeError:
args.pop(len(args) - 1)
return filter
for name in dir(u''):
# Ignore all private string methods
if name.startswith('_'):
# Ignore ``join`` method
if name in IGNORE_METHODS:
# Create new template filters for all string methods that not yet added
# to Django template built-ins
register.filter(name, make_filter(name))
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