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Last active Mar 15, 2021
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Emacs Doom - Shortcuts and Tips

Emacs Shortcuts

All Vim style shortcuts (evil module)

Shortcut Description - Shortcut Description
:w save file - :e + file path open or edit file
:q quit file -
v visual mode


Shortcut Description - Shortcut Description
SPC f f find and open file - SPC f S save file
SPC : run command (M-x) -


  • SPC p p - switch project and open files in the project
  • SPC SPC - open file in the project
  • SPC p f - open file in the project


  • SPC b N - new empty buffer
  • SPC b B - switch buffer (opened files)
  • SPC b k - kill buffer

Another shortcuts

  • SPC f P - Open config files

  • SPC q R - Restart Emacs

Dired (Directory Editor) Shortcuts

  • SPC SPC - open dired
  • h - back to parent
  • l - open directory or file
  • d - delete fie, adding flag
  • u - remove the deletion flag
  • x - delete flagged files


  • C-b - scroll/move back one full screen
  • C-f - scroll/move forward one full screen
  • C-d - scroll/move forward 1/2 a screen
  • C-u - scroll/move back 1/2 a screen


Shortcut Description - Shortcut Description
z z Center cursor on screen - z a togle fold


  • (dired +ranger +icons) - To show icons in dired and use shortcuts like h,l
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