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Groovy Podcast Ep. 6 Show Notes

  • Groovy 2.4.0 was released during the last episode of the the podcast.

    • Android support built-in + a Gradle plugin
    • Methods moved from Collection to Iterable + some other methods added, such as size()
    • groovysh getting some love
  • Gradle 2.3 RC2 was released yesterday

    • Improved Gradle Build Comparison plugin
    • Better Eclipse WTP integration
    • Tooling API can now generate coloured output - contributed by Lari Hotari
  • Grails 3.0.0.M1 was released

    • Use latest Java patch versions
    • Minimum JDK 7 for importing into IntelliJ - looks like a binary incompatibility in AssetPipeline plugin
    • Gradle for the build
    • Standalone mode
    • Functional tests with Geb
    • YAML in config files
    • init dir has Application.groovy --> spin up app in IDE (from Spring Boot)
    • can run war file using java command from command line
  • Ratpack 0.9.13 released

    • Application startup changed - now have RatpackServer
    • New registry mechanism outside of request handling
  • Grooscript 1.0.0 released

  • Groovy in Action 2nd Ed. goes to production

  • Spring One 2GX announced for 14-17th September, 2015

    • Still the usual 4 tracks on Groovy & Grails
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