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__FILE__ in JavaScript
* This gist provides a __FILE__ variable, which holds the path to the file
* from which the currently running source is being executed.
* Usage example: alert(__FILE__);
* Thanks to on which this gist
* is based on.
* Tested in Mozilla Firefox 9, Mozilla Firefox 16, Opera 12, Chromium 18
this.__defineGetter__("__FILE__", function() {
var stack=((new Error).stack).split("\n");
if(stack[0]=="Error") { // Chromium
var m;
return m[1];
else { // Firefox, Opera
return stack[1].split("@")[1].split(":").slice(0,-1).join(":");
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plepe commented Oct 15, 2012

About this GIST:

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BR0kEN- commented Jan 25, 2014

Simplified and shortened code:

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