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Here at XYO, we see the importance of open source in the dApp space. We have been in an incubation phase developing new SDKs for the mobile application of our technology as well as a new "prosumer" app that will inform both developers and enthusiasts on network and device activity. The XYO Open Source Initiative has been in development in-house throughout Q3, and now we would like to introduce you to what a developer can expect from open source participation with the suite of XYO Network tools.

Inline with this initiative is the formation of the XYO Foundation, the governing body of all XYO software tools and protocols. This nonprofit orgranization has been formed to serve the greater development community and grow meaningful conributions across our codebase.

The foundation has pathways of participation which will give developers across skill levels and interests an opportunity to contribute to XYO software and to a decentralized, incentive-based geo-spatial location protocol.

Contribution Pathways

Direct Contribution

Direct contribution from developers is encouraged to our open source projects. These include our SDKs and Smart Contract Library. There are applications in our suite that are still private, however the open source projects available for direct contribution are important to the core of XYO functionality.

Direct contribution includes code contributions through pull requests, issue reporting, and feature proposals.

Community Collaboration

Community collaboration on projects that are utilizing our tools for their use cases is highly encouraged. In the spirit of interoperability, we also encourage other projects in the dApp space to reach out and collaborate together on projects utilizing XYO tech.

Community collaboration can be accomplished via direct communication with the development community manager or through forum communication with a proposal for interoperability or a demonstration of a product that currently integrates XYO tech in any way and capacity.

XYO Helping Hand

With approved projects, XYO developer help can be made available. This is beyond a chat assistance session or GitHub code review. Helping hand involves opportunities including pair programming and live code reviews. With certain projects we could provide architectual assistance, this would be done on a case-by-case basis. We hope that with XYO Helping Hand we can help your project use the full power of the XYO network.

Smart Contracts

To help our network write to multiple blockchain solutions, we encourage contributions including smart contracts, hybrid solutions, and layering protocols. Converting smart contracts from ERC20 to other smart contract driven chains will help with this effort.


Pathway Timeline

We are looking at Q1 2020 for the initial launch of these pathways. This includes contribution guidelines, community chat renewal to communicate these efforts, and direct outreach.

Current Projects

  • FlowStake

  • QJump



Communication will be important in this effort to grow our open source. Chats, github communication, and telegram chat are highly encouraged and recommended.

Code of Conduct

Please see our code of conduct here.


  • Arie Trouw
  • Carter Harrison
  • Kevin Weiler

Community Manager

  • Phillip Lorenzo

The XYO Foundation

This initiative is being led by the XYO Foundation, please see here for more information.


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@Ohene-Djan Ohene-Djan commented Jan 3, 2020

You made a mistake in the second to last line of the second paragraph under the under the "XYO OPEN SOURCE INITIATIVE" topic.

I would love to join this cause because of the bright future it potentially has, and I don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity.
Thank you.


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Owner Author

@pllearns pllearns commented Jan 6, 2020

Thank you for checking this out. I didn't update this draft, but you can check out the initiative here:

Also, have you thought about how you would like to contribute? Thanks again!

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