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Automatically Prepend a Jira Issue ID to Git Commit Messages

Use a git hook to match a Jira issue ID from the current branch, and prepend it to every commit message

Assuming the current branch contains a Jira issue ID, you can use a git hook script to prepend it to every commit message.

  1. Create an empty commit-msg git hook file, and make it executable. From your project's root directory:

     install -b -m 755 /dev/null .git/hooks/commit-msg
  2. Save the following script to the newly-created .git/hooks/commit-msg file:


COMMIT_MSG=$(cat $1)
CURRENT_BRANCH=$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)
JIRA_ID=$(echo "$CURRENT_BRANCH" | grep -Eo "[A-Z0-9]{1,10}-?[A-Z0-9]+-[0-9]+")

if [ ! -z "$JIRA_ID" ]; then
    echo "JIRA ID '$JIRA_ID', matched in current branch name, prepended to commit message. (Use --no-verify to skip)"

But I'm Lazy

Me too! Here's a one-liner to install the hook above:

if [ -d .git/hooks ]; then HOOKF=.git/hooks/commit-msg && if [ ! -f $HOOKF ]; then TMPF=`date +%s`-ghook && curl -s > $TMPF && STARTL=`grep -n "scriptstart" $TMPF | head -1 | cut -d: -f1` && ENDL=`grep -n "scriptend" $TMPF | head -1 | cut -d: -f1` && sed -n `expr \`echo $STARTL\` + 2`,`expr \`echo $ENDL\` - 2`p $TMPF > $HOOKF && chmod 755 $HOOKF; rm $TMPF; else echo "Error: $HOOKF exists"; fi else echo "Error: Not a git repo"; fi

Enable Hooks Globally

To enable git hooks for all new git projects, you can use your own git template directory to build out your hooks. See the following article:


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