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Example NTH theme descriptor file for Nokia 8800 Classic and Special Edition - public tutorial
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE theme PUBLIC "-//NOKIA//DTD THEME 1.1//EN" "theme.dtd">
This is an example theme_descriptor.xml for Nokia 8800 Classic/Special (not Sirocco or Arte)
that can be used freely as a complete reference template to create other themes
Compilation: cd theme_dir && zip -9 ../MyExampleTheme.nth ./*
Note: all resource files MUST be present in the archive's root, no subdirectories!
<theme name="MyExampleTheme" version="1.1">
<!-- (all icons and wallpapers hereafter can be of JPEG, PNG, BMP or GIF format, including animations) -->
<!-- desktop wallpaper here (208x208) -->
<wallpaper src="" />
<!-- (optional) menus background here (208x208) -->
<!-- Keep in mind that 8800 and other S40 2nd edition Nokias only retain black text color in the internal menus -->
<!-- so you should choose a system background bright enough to keep it visible -->
<background src="" />
<!-- screensaver here (208x208, can also be in M3G format) -->
<screensaver src="" />
<!-- ringtone here (MP3, WAV, AMR, MIDI, AAC) -->
<ringtone src="" />
<!-- color scheme here (available colors: blue, black, red, orange, gray, green, brown, pink) -->
<colorscheme color="" />
<!-- (optional) icon descriptions (only the items available for 8800 are listed in the order they appear in the main menu) -->
<!-- Large icons should be 128x128 (at least 74x74), smaller icons should be 48x48 but OS scales them down if necessary -->
<icon item_id="messages" size="large" src="" />
<icon item_id="messages" size="small" src="" />
<icon item_id="contacts" size="large" src="" />
<icon item_id="contacts" size="small" src="" />
<icon item_id="callregister" size="large" src="" />
<icon item_id="callregister" size="small" src="" />
<icon item_id="settings" size="large" src="" />
<icon item_id="settings" size="small" src="" />
<icon item_id="gallery" size="large" src="" />
<icon item_id="gallery" size="small" src="" />
<icon item_id="media" size="large" src="" />
<icon item_id="media" size="small" src="" />
<icon item_id="organizer" size="large" src="" />
<icon item_id="organizer" size="small" src="" />
<icon item_id="applications" size="large" src="" />
<icon item_id="applications" size="small" src="" />
<icon item_id="services" size="large" src="" />
<icon item_id="services" size="small" src="" />
<icon item_id="simatk" size="large" src="" />
<icon item_id="simatk" size="small" src="" />
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