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Luke van der Hoeven plukevdh

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plukevdh / transcode.rb
Created Jun 2, 2018
Quick and dirty transcoder job
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require 'aws-sdk'
region: "us-east-1",
credentials: "...")
PRESET_ID = "..."

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am plukevdh on github.
  • I am plukevdh ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASAUM0TdYG6iD3RQxK29SEzkPqj18SAcJszaiNe1uZVCzQo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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def envs = [
[env: "stage", region: "us-east-1"]
stage("Plan") {
def planJobs = [:]
for(int i = 0; i < envs.size(); i++) {
def details = envs.get(i)
plukevdh / pipeline-flow.groovy
Last active May 25, 2017
Dynamic Pipeline Flow Example
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// Example envs, could be one of the following
def defaultEnvs = [
[env: "stage", region: "us-east-1"],
[env: "prod", region: "us-east-1"]
// Or
def defaultEnvs = [
plukevdh / detect.js
Created Oct 24, 2016
Ramda - Type Detection Functions
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const isObject = R.compose(R.equals('Object'), R.type);
const isScalar = R.compose(R.not, R.either(isObject, R.isArrayLike), R.last, R.values);
plukevdh / hash.rb
Created Sep 29, 2016
simple md5 hash digetsing
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require 'digest'
require 'fileutils'
EXCLUDES = %w{.rb .md}
def exclude?(path)
EXCLUDES.any? {|pattern| path.end_with? pattern }
def md5_name(path)
plukevdh / objectDiff.js
Last active Mar 24, 2021
Ramda - Compact diff output for complex objects.
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import R from 'ramda'
const isObject = R.compose(R.equals('Object'), R.type);
const allAreObjects = R.compose(R.all(isObject), R.values);
const hasLeft = R.has('left');
const hasRight = R.has('right');
const hasBoth = R.both(hasLeft, hasRight);
const isEqual = R.both(hasBoth, R.compose(R.apply(R.equals), R.values));
const markAdded = R.compose(R.append(undefined), R.values);
plukevdh / groupByKey.js
Created Sep 21, 2016
Ramda - Group two objects' values by keys
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const groupByKey = R.compose(
plukevdh / abortable_run.rb
Created Nov 3, 2015
Helps with chaining system commands and aborting when fails occur
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def abortable_run(cmd)
abort("Failed with #{$?.exitstatus}") unless system(cmd)
plukevdh / benchmark.rb
Last active Aug 26, 2015
Call comparisons
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class Processor
def plus_two(arg)
arg + 2
class Runner
def block_run(arg, &block)
yield arg