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Alan Plum pluma

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pluma / Loader.tsx
Last active Nov 28, 2017
Component for handling async data fetching with redux?
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import { Error, ErrorType } from "./Error";
import { Loading } from "./Loading";
import React from "react";
type LoaderProps = {
id: string;
error?: Object;
data: any;
isLoading: boolean;
pluma / devrant.css
Last active Nov 15, 2017
Want DevRant in full-width on the desktop? Use this stylesheet to override the CSS.
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@media (min-width: 880px) {
.interior-centered {
margin: 0;
width: auto;
.interior-content {
width: auto;
.body-col1 {
display: none;
pluma / stringifyJsonml.js
Created Nov 12, 2017
Converting JSONML to XML (without sanity checks)
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function isObject(obj) {
if (!obj) return false;
if (typeof obj !== "object") return false;
if (Array.isArray(obj)) return false;
return true;
function* stringifyElement(element, indentLevel, depth = 0) {
const indent =
typeof indentLevel === "string"
pluma / jsonmlElement.js
Created Nov 12, 2017
Creating a DOM-like element tree from JSONML
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function isObject(obj) {
if (!obj) return false;
if (typeof obj !== "object") return false;
if (Array.isArray(obj)) return false;
return true;
class Element {
constructor(tagName, attributes, ...children) {
this.tagName = tagName;
pluma / hyper-stayalive.js
Created Sep 29, 2017
Prevent window from closing when last tab is closed (works great with autohide and visor)
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'use strict';
const seen = new Set();
const $KNOWS_TO_HIDE = Symbol('knowsToHide');
exports.onWindow = window => {
if (window[$KNOWS_TO_HIDE]) return;
window[$KNOWS_TO_HIDE] = true;
window.rpc.on('hide', () => setTimeout(() => window.hide(), 0));
exports.middleware = store => next => action => {
switch (action.type) {
pluma / autohide.js
Created Sep 29, 2017
Automatically hide on startup by running `HYPER_AUTOHIDE=1 hyper`
View autohide.js
'use strict';
const $AUTO_HIDDEN = Symbol('autoHidden');
if (process.env.HYPER_AUTOHIDE) {
exports.onApp = app => {
if (app[$AUTO_HIDDEN]) return;
app[$AUTO_HIDDEN] = true;
const windows = app.getWindows();
for (const window of windows.values()) {
setTimeout(() => window.hide(), 500);
pluma / arrutils.js
Created Feb 19, 2017
ES6 non-mutating array manipulation helpers
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export const replace = (arr, index, value) => [
...arr.slice(0, index),
...arr.slice(index + 1)
export const insert = (arr, index, value) => [
...arr.slice(0, index),
View xunit.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<testsuite name="/hello" timestamp="2016-11-23T15:32:04.685Z" tests="31" errors="0" failures="6" skip="1" time="66">
<testcase classname="global" name="is global" time="0"/>
<testcase classname="An error" name="is an error" time="0">
<failure type="Error" message="banana">
Error: banana
at Context.&lt;anonymous> (/home/pluma/projects/arango/_local/3.1.devel/arango-apps/_db/_system/hello/APP/test/queries.js:12:11)
at [as immediately] (./js/common/bootstrap/modules/process.js:26:5)
View cancellable.js
/*global assert*/
class CancellationError extends Error {} = 'CancellationError'
function deferred () {
let _resolve, _reject
const promise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
_resolve = resolve
_reject = reject
View .bash_aliases
alias g='git status -sb'
alias ga='git add'
alias gac='git commit -S --amend'
alias gb='git branch'
alias gbb='git checkout -b'
alias gbm='git branch --merged'
alias gbn='git branch --no-merged'
alias gc='git commit -S -m'
alias gcp='git cherry-pick'
alias gco='git checkout'
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