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Last active January 24, 2024 23:22
User trial flow
flowchart TD
  A[User lands on map] -->|user has basic membership| B[user is directed through onboarding flow]
  B --> C[User is shown AS screen overlaying map]
  C -->|User declines AS| D[User is given trial]
  C -->|User accepts AS, leaves map. Page navigation| E[User is sent to purchase with membership selected]
  E -->|User completes purchase. Page navigation| F
  D -->|We are able to soft navigate| F[User is sent to a landing, map features updated]
  D -->|We are not able to soft navigate| G[User experiences a page navigation]
 G -->|Lands at same spot| F
pm0u /
Last active January 15, 2024 16:53
Arch Idea for strava <-> webmap
graph LR
  strava_server<-- authenticated --> node_server
  node_server["Node Server
  route fetching
  activity fetching
Running "vercel build"
10:03:59.095 | Vercel CLI 30.2.1
10:03:59.797 | Running "install" command: `yarn install --frozen-lockfile`...
10:04:00.096 | yarn install v1.22.17
10:04:00.227 | [1/5] Validating package.json...
10:04:00.233 | [2/5] Resolving packages...
10:04:00.897 | [3/5] Fetching packages...
10:04:17.337 | warning @puppeteer/browsers@0.4.0: Invalid bin entry for "@puppeteer/browsers" (in "@puppeteer/browsers").
10:04:39.635 | [4/5] Linking dependencies...
# Maintainer: Nicolas Cornu <>
pkgdesc="chroot, mount --bind, and binfmt_misc without privilege/setup"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
pm0u / SpotifyClone.css
Created February 1, 2019 16:10
Spotify Css from clone
@charset "UTF-8";
body {
background: #181818;
font-family: "Roboto", sans-serif;
body a {
color: #aaaaaa;
body a:hover {
color: #c8c8c8;
# Atom Beautify - Debugging information
The following debugging information was generated by `Atom Beautify` on `Fri Jan 11 2019 12:14:12 GMT-0700 (MST)`.
## Table Of Contents
- [Versions](#versions)
- [Original file to be beautified](#original-file-to-be-beautified)
- [Original File Contents](#original-file-contents)
pm0u / pdeffer
Last active August 29, 2015 14:13
pdf processing script, for personal use. with some adaptation it could suit other people as well.
# pdf scanning script
# 1/13/2015
bold='\033[01m' #bold
red='\033[01;31m' #error color
NC='\033[0m' # No Color
if [ $# == 0 ]; then
#tell em whats up