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#Get all Permission for the Service prinipal ObjectId.
$exisitingCollection = az ad app permission list-grants --filter "clientId eq '$($ServicePrincipalObjectId)' and consentType eq 'AllPrincipals'" | ConvertFrom-Json
#Get a access Token
$tokenResponse = az account get-access-token --resource-type ms-graph | convertFrom-Json
$existingCollection | ForEach-Object {
$existing = $PSItem
#Get the PermissionGrant
$apiUrlPatch = "$($existing.objectId)"
$body = @{
scope = ""
#Patch with an empty scope.
Invoke-RestMethod -uri $apiUrlPatch -Headers @{Authorization = "Bearer $(tokenResponse.accessToken)"} -Method $PATCH -Body $($body | ConvertTo-Json) -ContentType "application/json"
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