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#OutPut CSV File Path
$InformationPreference = 'Continue'
Write-Information -MessageData "Obtaining Module, please connect when prompted..."
Import-Module "C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Skype for Business Online\\Modules\\SkypeOnlineConnector\\SkypeOnlineConnector.psd1"
$Session = New-CsOnlineSession
Import-PSSession -Session:$Session -AllowClobber
Write-Information -MessageData "Getting all enabled users"
$Users = Get-CsOnlineUser | Select-Object DisplayName, `
UserPrincipalName, `
SipAddress, `
TeamsMeetingPolicy, `
TeamsMessagingPolicy, `
TeamsMeetingBroadcastPolicy, `
TeamsAppPermissionPolicy, `
TeamsAppSetupPolicy, `
TeamsCallParkPolicy, `
TeamsCallingPolicy, `
CallerIdPolicy, `
TeamsChannelsPolicy, `
TeamsEmergencyCallingPolicy, `
TeamsEmergencyCallRoutingPolicy, `
TenantDialPlan, `
$Users | Export-Csv -Path:$Path -NoTypeInformation
Write-Information "Complete"
Remove-PSSession -Session:$session
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