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Peter Moran pmoran

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pmoran / gist:3011108
Created Jun 28, 2012
Clear property searches from cache
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redis-cli -n 1 KEYS "cache:property:offers*" | xargs redis-cli -n 1 DEL
pmoran / newco-commit-msg
Created Nov 3, 2011
Git hook to make sure commit message contains stream identifier
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
message_file = ARGV[0]
message =
$regex = /^\[(Extranet|API|Consumer)\]/
if !$regex.match(message)
puts "COMMIT FAILED: your message doesn't start with [Extranet], [API] or [Consumer]"
exit 1
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"filters": {
"pending": "function(doc, req) { if(doc.status != 'forwarded') { return true; } else { return false; }}"
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"unprocessed" : {
"map" : "function(doc){ if(!doc.status) { emit(doc.requested_at, doc.text) } }"
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def handle_notification(notification)
message = JSON.parse(notification)['doc'] {
result = despatch(message) # non-blocking
@db.save_doc(message.merge(status: "forwarded", result: result)) # blocking
def despatch(message)
http = http_request({id: message['_id'], broadcast: message['text']})
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def run {
opts = { query: {feed: 'continuous', since: update_seq, heartbeat: 5000, filter: 'app/pending', include_docs: true} }
http ="#{DB_URL}/_changes").get opts { |chunk| handle_notification(chunk) unless chunk =~ /^\n/ }
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"_id": "2c698404172067bf64c5be5daf5b4c4a",
"_rev": "1-5d0c994e3f4626e9e944977cc121b9d4",
"text": "first message",
"requested_at": "2011/01/17 09:54:17 +0000",
"priority": "medium"
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db.save_doc({text: "first message", requested_at:, priority: "medium"})
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# Ripped from cucumber-0.8.3/examples/watir/features/support/screenshots.rb
module Screenshots
if Cucumber::OS_X
def embed_screenshot(id)
`screencapture -t png reports/#{id}.png`
embed("#{id}.png", "image/png")
def embed_screenshot(id)
`import -window root reports/#{id}.png`
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