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@pnf pnf/penguins-python

Created Apr 22, 2014
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from itertools import chain,imap
manufacturing_groups = { 'multiglobal manufacturing group',
'intergalactic joint ventures',
'transdimensional megacorp', }
manufacturers = { 'multiglobal manufacturing group': { 'red heron manufacturers',
'blue bass super-corp',
'yellow dog llc',
'orange penguin family manufacturers',
'green hornet industries', },
'intergalactic joint ventures': { 'yellow dog llc',
'purple butterfly inc', },
'transdimensional megacorp': { 'maroon baboon manufacturer',
'orange penguin family manufacturers',
'green hornet industries', }, }
warehouses = { 'red heron manufacturers': {'neptune building'},
'blue bass super-corp': {'saturn warehouse'},
'yellow dog llc': {'mars storage'},
'orange penguin family manufacturers': {'venus building'},
'green hornet industries': {'jupiter building'},
'purple butterfly inc': {'pluto ministorage'},
'maroon baboon manufacturer': {'mercury warehouse'}, }
inventories = { 'neptune building': {'rose widgets', 'petunia widgets'},
'saturn warehouse': {'rose widgets', 'daffodil widgets'},
'mars storage': {'poppy widgets', 'forget-me-not widgets'},
'venus building': {'goldenrod widgets'},
'jupiter building': {'magnolia widgets'},
'pluto ministorage': {'indian paintbrush widgets', 'daffodil widgets'},
'mercury warehouse': {'carnation widgets'}, }
def flatmap(items, f):
return chain.from_iterable(imap(f, items))
def getl(d):
return lambda k : d[k]
print set(flatmap(manufacturing_groups, getl(manufacturers)))
print set(flatmap(flatmap(manufacturing_groups,getl(manufacturers)),getl(warehouses)))
print set(reduce(flatmap, [manufacturing_groups, getl(manufacturers), getl(warehouses), getl(inventories)]))
def nest(l):
return map(lambda x : [x], l)
def getll(d):
def getlld(ks):
res = d[ks[0]]
return map(lambda x : [x] + ks, res)
return getlld
print list(reduce(flatmap, [nest(manufacturing_groups), getll(manufacturers), getll(warehouses), getll(inventories)]))
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