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Created October 28, 2016 20:46
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(ns qaxl.core
(:use clojure.walk clojure.pprint qaxl.cache)
(:require [co.paralleluniverse.pulsar.async :as qa]
[clojure.core.async :as a]
[co.paralleluniverse.pulsar.core :as q]
[clojure.test :refer [function?]]
[co.paralleluniverse.fiber.httpkit.client :as hk]
[co.paralleluniverse.pulsar.core :refer [fiber]]
[clojure.core.match :refer [match]]))
(declare parallelize)
(defmacro qaxl
"Parallelize and evaluate an expression"
(:form (parallelize form)))
(defn- res= [a b]
(or (= a b)
(let [ra (resolve a)
rb (resolve b)]
(and ra rb (= (resolve a) (resolve b))))))
;; If there's a channel that will return the value of this symbol, substitute its deref.
(defn- parallelize-subst [s s2p]
(if (symbol? s)
(if (contains? s2p s)
{:form `(deref ~(get s2p s)) :s2p s2p :par true}
{:form s :par (some-> s resolve var-get q/suspendable?) :s2p s2p})
{:form s :s2p s2p}))
(defn- parallelize-forms [forms s2p] (map #(parallelize % s2p) forms))
(defn- par-to-bindings [forms s2p] ;; => [bs args]
(let [ps (parallelize-forms forms s2p)
[bs args] (reduce (fn [[bs args] p]
(if (:par p)
(let [ch (gensym "p")]
[(concat bs [ch `(q/promise (fn [] ~(:form p)))])
(conj args `(deref ~ch))])
[bs (conj args (:form p))]))
[[] []]
[ps bs (seq args)]))
(defn- parallelize-func [forms s2p]
(when (:trace s2p) (println "parallelize-func" forms))
(let [[ps bs forms] (par-to-bindings forms s2p)
par (some :par ps)]
{:form (if (seq bs) `(let [~@bs] (~@forms)) `(~@forms)) :par par :s2p s2p}))
;; Possibly lazy
(defn- parallelize-special [[s & forms] s2p]
(when (:trace s2p) (println "parallelize-special" s forms))
(let [ps (parallelize-forms forms s2p)]
{:form `(~s ~@(map :form ps)) :par (some :par ps) :s2p s2p}))
(defn- parallelize-coll [form s2p]
(let [[ps bs forms] (par-to-bindings (seq form) s2p)]
{:form (if (seq bs) `(let [~@bs] ~(into (empty form) forms)) form)
:par (some :par ps) :s2p s2p}))
(defn- parallelize-map [[_ & forms] s2p]
(when (:trace s2p) (println "parallelize-map" forms))
(let [[ps bs [f & args]] (par-to-bindings forms s2p)
m1 (if-not (:par (first ps))
`(map ~f ~@args)
`(map deref
(doall (map (fn [& xs#]
(q/promise (fn [] (apply ~f xs#))))
~@args ))))]
{:form (if (seq bs) `(let [~@bs] ~m1) m1) :par (some :par ps)}))
(defn parallelize-let [[_ bs & forms] s2p]
(when (:trace s2p) (println "parallelize-let" bs forms))
(let [[bs1 bs2] (reduce
(fn [[bs1 bs2 s2p] [s form]]
(let [{:keys [form par]} (parallelize form s2p)]
(if par
(let [ch (gensym "p")]
[(concat bs1 [ch `(q/promise (fn [] ~form))])
(concat bs2 [s `(deref ~ch)])
(assoc s2p s ch)])
[bs1 (concat bs2 [s form]) s2p])))
[[] [] s2p]
(partition 2 bs))
ps (parallelize-forms forms s2p)]
{:form `(let [~@(concat bs1 bs2)] ~@(map :form ps)) :par (or (seq bs1) (some :par ps))}))
(defn parallelize
"Parallelize a form, returning map:
:form Parallelized form that can be substituted.
:par parallel?
:s2p Map of user symbols to channel symbols
To evaluate, one would apply the bindings and then dereference the channel."
[form & [s2p]]
(when (:trace s2p) (println "parallelize " form (type form)))
(nil? s2p) (parallelize form {})
(seq? form)
(if-let [f (as-> (first form) f (when (symbol? f) f))]
(res= 'let f) (parallelize-let form s2p)
(res= 'map f) (parallelize-map form s2p)
(function? f) (parallelize-func form s2p)
(:macro (meta (resolve f))) (parallelize (macroexpand form) s2p)
:else (parallelize-special form s2p))
(parallelize-coll form s2p))
(coll? form) (parallelize-coll form s2p)
:else (parallelize-subst form s2p)))
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