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product options
<? $this->render_partial('shop:product_options'); ?>
<? if (PSInventory_Inventory::out_of_stock( $product, post('product_options') )): ?>
<? $options_string = PSInventory_Data::create_option_string(post('product_options', array()), $product->id);
$data = PSInventory_Data::create()->where('product_id=? AND options_string=?', $product->id, $options_string)->find();
$extended_sku = $data->extended_sku;
We're sorry, the item (size/color/style) you've selected is temporarily out-of-stock.
<a href="<?= site_url('out-of-stock-contact-form') ?>?item=<?= urlencode($extended_sku); ?>" rel="lightbox[external 900 300]" title="Out of Stock Contact Form" id="oosLink" class="button">Notify me</a> when this item becomes available.
<? if ($product->expected_availability_date): ?>
<br/>The expected availability date is <strong><?= $product->displayField('expected_availability_date') ?></strong>
<? endif ?>
<? endif ?>
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