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Created March 18, 2019 15:35
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Wrapper for wireshark utils (like pyshark for tshark)
Pcap class to more easily interact with pcaps
When in doubt, aim for simplicity of requests API
Like pyshark, but for the wireshark utilities
import os
import subprocess as sp
import re
import pprint
import tempfile
import shutil
class Pcap:
Pcap wrapper around wireshark functionality. Call pcap utils if there
are multiple files.
def __init__(self, filename):
self.filename = os.path.expanduser(filename) = self.get_capinfos([self.filename])
def get_capinfos(filenames):
"""Get a dict from a packet using Wireshark's capinfos.
filenames (list): List of full filepaths to get info for
(dict) of info about files
"/path/to/file1": {"key": "value", ...},
cmd_list = ["capinfos", "-M"] + filenames
output = sp.check_output(cmd_list).decode('utf-8')
data = re.findall(r'(.+?):\s*([\s\S]+?)(?=\n[\S]|$)', output)
infos_dict = {i[0]: i[1] for i in data}
for key in infos_dict:
if 'Interface #' in key:
iface_infos = re.findall(r'\s*(.+?) = (.+)\n', infos_dict[key])
infos_dict[key] = {i[0]: i[1] for i in iface_infos}
return infos_dict
def reorder(self):
"""Wrapper for reordercap
(int) Quantity of out of order packets that have been fixed
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as temp_file:
cmd_list = ["reordercap", "-n", self.filename,]
output = sp.check_output(cmd_list).decode('utf-8')
out_of_order = int(re.findall(r"[\d]+ .*?, ([\d]+) .*", output)[0])
if out_of_order > 0:
shutil.copy(, self.filename)
return out_of_order
def merge(filenames, outfile, outfmt="", ordered=True, idb_mode="", snaplen=0):
"""Merge one or more files using Wireshark's mergecap utility
filenames (list): List of files to merge
outfile (str): Filepath to write combined file (mergecap -w)
outfmt (str): Output file format, default is pcapng (mergecap -F)
ordered (bool): Whether to reorder all packets based on timestamp
after merge (~= mergecap -a)
idb_mode (str): How/If to combine Interface Description Blocks
One of 'B<none>', 'B<all>', or 'B<any>' (~= mergecap -I <IDB>)
snaplen (int): Truncate packets to <num> bytes (~= mergecap -s <num>)
(str): Any output that mergecap provides
cmd_list = ["mergecap"] + filenames + ["-w", outfile]
if outfmt:
cmd_list += ["-F", outfmt]
if not ordered:
cmd_list += ["-a"]
if idb_mode:
cmd_list += ["-i", idb_mode]
if snaplen:
cmd_list += ["-s", snaplen]
return sp.check_output(cmd_list).decode('utf-8')
mypcap = Pcap("/tmp/trash/http-out-of-order.pcap")
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