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CMSampleBufferRef to vImage and resize
CVImageBufferRef imageBuffer = CMSampleBufferGetImageBuffer(sampleBuffer);
size_t height = CVPixelBufferGetHeight(imageBuffer);
size_t width = CVPixelBufferGetWidth(imageBuffer);
size_t bytesPerRow = CVPixelBufferGetBytesPerRow(imageBuffer);
void *sourceData = CVPixelBufferGetBaseAddress(imageBuffer);
// Set a bunch of variables we need. The "radius" for the blur kernel needs to be positive and odd. The permute map maps the BGRA channels of the buffer to the ARGB that vImage needs.
const NSUInteger bytesPerPixel = 4;
vImage_Buffer srcBuff = {sourceData, height, width, bytesPerRow};
// Create dest buffer
CGFloat aspectRatio = (CGFloat)width / (CGFloat)height;
CGSize fitSize = CGSizeMake(kMaximumSmallFrameHeight * aspectRatio, kMaximumSmallFrameHeight);
const NSUInteger scale = (NSUInteger)[[UIScreen mainScreen] scale];
const NSUInteger dstWidth = (NSUInteger)fitSize.width * scale;
const NSUInteger dstHeight = (NSUInteger)fitSize.height * scale;
const NSUInteger dstBytesPerRow = bytesPerPixel * dstWidth;
uint8_t* dstData = (uint8_t*)calloc(dstHeight * dstWidth * bytesPerPixel, sizeof(uint8_t));
vImage_Buffer dstBuffer = {
.data = dstData,
.height = dstHeight,
.width = dstWidth,
.rowBytes = dstBytesPerRow
// Scale
vImage_Error ret = vImageScale_ARGB8888(&srcBuff, &dstBuffer, NULL, kvImageHighQualityResampling);
if (ret != kvImageNoError)
// Create CGImage from vImage_Buffer
vImage_CGImageFormat format = {
.bitsPerComponent = 8,
.bitsPerPixel = 32,
.colorSpace = NULL,
.bitmapInfo = (CGBitmapInfo)kCGImageAlphaFirst,
.version = 0,
.decode = NULL,
.renderingIntent = kCGRenderingIntentDefault,
CGImageRef destRef = vImageCreateCGImageFromBuffer(&dstBuffer, &format, NULL, NULL, kvImageNoFlags, &ret);
// Create UIImage
UIImage* smallFrame = [[UIImage alloc] initWithCGImage:destRef];
// Free up the remaining memory
CVPixelBufferUnlockBaseAddress(imageBuffer, 0);

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@hunter858 hunter858 commented May 17, 2021



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@nickdimiCiQ nickdimiCiQ commented Oct 29, 2021

What "kMaximumSmallFrameHeight" stands for?


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@podkovyrin podkovyrin commented Oct 29, 2021

@nickdimiCiQ the height of the image to scale to, for instance, 640px

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