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Sample script to pull, run, and port forward Android Emulator Container
# This is the remote image we are going to run.
# Docker will obtain it for us if needed.
# This is the forwarding port. Higher ports are preferred as to not interfere
# with adb's ability to scan for emulators.
# This will launch the container in the background.
container_id=$(docker run -d \
-e "ADBKEY=$(cat ~/.android/adbkey)" --device /dev/kvm --publish \
8554:8554/tcp --publish $PORT:5555/tcp \
echo "The container is running with id: $container_id"
# Note you might see something like:
# failed to connect to localhost:15555
# this merely indicates that the container is not yet ready.
echo "Connecting to forwarded adb port."
adb connect localhost:$PORT
# we basically have to wait until `docker ps` shows us as healthy.
# this can take a bit as the emulator needs to boot up!
echo "Waiting until the device is ready"
adb wait-for-device
# The device is now booting, or close to be booted
# We just wait until the sys.boot_completed property is set to 1.
while [ "`adb shell getprop sys.boot_completed | tr -d '\r' `" != "1" ] ;
echo "Still waiting for boot.."
sleep 1;
# Now you can use the emulator as usual for example:
# ./gradlew installDebug
# ./gradlew connectedAndroidTest
# etc..
echo "The device is ready"
echo "Run the following command to stop the container:"
echo "docker stop ${container_id}"
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