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EDD - Allow discounts to be set to apply to all renewals
// Add new Discount setting the to discount add and edit forms
add_action( 'edd_add_discount_form_before_use_once', array( $this, 'edd_perpetual_discounts_setting_add_form' ) );
add_action( 'edd_edit_discount_form_before_use_once', array( $this, 'edd_perpetual_discounts_setting_edit_form' ) );
// Handle saving the settings on form submission
add_filter( 'edd_update_discount', 'edd_perpetual_discounts_add_meta' );
add_filter( 'edd_insert_discount', 'edd_perpetual_discounts_add_meta' );
// Process the discount at renewal
add_filter( 'edd_get_option_recurring_one_time_discounts', 'edd_perpetual_discounts_discounts' );
function edd_perpetual_discounts_add_meta( $meta ) {
$meta['use_renewals'] = 0;
if ( isset( $_POST['use_renewals'] ) ) {
$meta['use_renewals'] = intval( $_POST['use_renewals'] );
return $meta;
function edd_perpetual_discounts_setting_add_form() {
edd_perpetual_discounts_setting_edit_form( false );
function edd_perpetual_discounts_setting_edit_form( $discount_id ) {
$use_renewals = false;
if ( $discount_id ) {
$use_renewals = get_post_meta( $discount_id, '_edd_discount_use_renewals', true );
} ?>
<th scope="row" valign="top">
for="edd-use-renewals"><?php _e( 'Discount applies for renewals', 'easy-digital-downloads' ); ?></label>
<input type="checkbox" id="edd-use-renewals" name="use_renewals"
value="1"<?php checked( true, $use_renewals ); ?>/>
class="description"><?php _e( 'By default discounts don\'t apply to renewals, but enabling it for this coupon will.', 'easy-digital-downloads' ); ?></span>
function edd_perpetual_discounts_discounts( $value ) {
if ( ! $value ) {
return $value;
$discounts = edd_get_cart_discounts();
foreach ( $discounts as $code ) {
$discount_id = edd_get_discount_id_by_code( $code );
if ( 1 == get_post_meta( $discount_id, '_edd_discount_use_renewals', true ) ) {
// The discount should be applied for all renewals
return false;
return $value;
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When using Easy Digital Downloads and the Recurring Payments addon, you can set discounts to only apply to the initial payment, and not to renewal payments:


However, this applies to all discounts.

But what happens if you want to create a discount for a charity to give them 20% off the download price for ever? Currently it's not possible with EDD and Recurring Payments. With this code, it's now possible.

The code gives you a new setting on the discount screen:


Discounts with that setting enabled will mean subscriptions purchased with that discount will have the discount applied to subsequent renewals.

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