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This script installs WordPress inside a sub directory
# Installation:
# Install the script in one of the folders in your PATH. Make sure it has execute permissions (i.e. chmod +x wp-install-core-sub-dir).
# $ mkdir mysite
# $ cd mysite
# $ wp-install-core-sub-dir
# This is a simple script as an example, it could be improved by accepting parameters etc.
SITE_TITLE='WordPress CLI Test Site'
# create the dir for the core files
mkdir $CORE_DIR
# download WordPress files
wp core download
cd ../
# create the wp-config.php file
wp core config --dbname=$DB_NAME --dbuser=$DB_USER --dbpass=$DB_PASS --path=$CORE_DIR
# create the dabase
wp db create
# install WordPress (less than 5 mins)
wp core install --url=$SITE_URL --title="$SITE_TITLE" --admin_user=$SITE_USER --admin_password=$SITE_PASS --admin_email=$SITE_EMAIL --path=$CORE_DIR
# Copy (not move) index.php file to root
cp "$CORE_DIR/index.php" ./index.php
# Edit index.php to point to correct path of wp-blog-header.php
sed -i '' "s/\/wp-blog-header/\/$CORE_DIR\/wp-blog-header/g" index.php
# Update the siteurl in the database with sub directory path
wp option update siteurl $(wp option get siteurl)/$CORE_DIR
# Uncomment the below line if you want the config in root
#cp "$CORE_DIR/wp-config.php" ./wp-config.php
echo 'Install finished!'

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danelige commented Oct 17, 2018

Iain, thank you! few corrections that were needed to make this script work on my cPanel setup.

  1. line 47: sed -i '' ... drop the ''

  2. line 50: wp option update siteurl $(wp option get siteurl)/$CORE_DIR you need to add the path here too: wp option update siteurl $(wp option get siteurl --path=$CORE_DIR)/$CORE_DIR --path=$CORE_DIR

  3. in order to prep empty database and user in a cPanel environment, use UAPI command like this:

# cPanel API: This creates DB and USER in such a way that cPanel can track this new db and user
uapi --output=json Mysql create_database name="$DB_NAME"
uapi --output=json Mysql create_user name="$DB_USER" password="$DB_PASS"
uapi Mysql set_privileges_on_database user="$DB_USER" database="$DB_NAME" privileges=ALL%20PRIVILEGES
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