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poliva / fc2-elo.js
Created Sep 28, 2020
Fightcade's ranking system Elo implementation
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function getK (elo) {
// for rank '?' (<10 games played) the K factor is 20
if (elo < 700) return 34; // rank E
if (elo < 1000) return 32; // rank D
if (elo < 1300) return 30; // rank C
if (elo < 1600) return 28; // rank B
if (elo < 1900) return 26; // rank A
return 24; // rank S
poliva / ZP003030_V18_20160913_APROM_2A79_auth.hex
Created Sep 16, 2016
trace of brook firmware upgrade on Universal Fighting Board
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poliva / changes-for-root.txt
Created Oct 8, 2015
sediff output of the changes done by Chainfire's supolicy to sepolicy to allow root in Enforcing mode
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Classes (Added 0, Removed 0, Modified 0)
Added Classes: 0
Removed Classes: 0
Modified Classes: 0
Commons (Added 0, Removed 0, Modified 0)
Added Commons: 0
Removed Commons: 0
Modified Commons: 0
poliva / dynhuff.cpp
Created Oct 28, 2014
standalone Dynamic Huffman Encoder/Decoder
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// Dynamic Huffman Encoder/Decoder
// implemented by Gangta
// Version History
// version 0.1 - first release
poliva / ssf2xj-select-difficulty.xml
Created Apr 8, 2014
SSF2XJ mame cheat: Select Difficulty
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<cheat desc="Select Difficulty">
<item value="0x00">1/Easiest</item>
<item value="0x01">2/Very Easy</item>
<item value="0x02">3/Easy</item>
<item value="0x03">4/Medium</item>
<item value="0x04">5/Medium Hard</item>
<item value="0x05">6/Hard</item>
<item value="0x06">7/Very Hard</item>
<item value="0x07">8/Hardest</item>
poliva / ssf2xj-cpu-to-human-player.xml
Last active Aug 29, 2015
SSF2XJ mame cheat: CPU to Human Player
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<cheat desc="CPU to Human Player">
<comment>Human controlled CPU</comment>
<script state="on">
<script state="off">
poliva / ssf2xj-controller-mode-1.xml
Created Apr 8, 2014
SSF2XJ mame cheat: controller mode
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<cheat desc="P1 Controller">
<comment>Crashes if the game started as Human and you switch it to CPU</comment>
<item value="0x00">CPU</item>
<item value="0x01">Human</item>
<script state="run">
poliva / ssf2xj-combo-msg-on-cpu.xml
Last active Aug 29, 2015
SSF2XJ mame cheat: Show combo messages on CPU
View ssf2xj-combo-msg-on-cpu.xml
<cheat desc="Show combo messages on CPU">
<script state="on">
<script state="off">

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