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Some other generals links (all the presentation on speakerrate) (public google document w/ links to slides)
Articles about jsconf (de)
Slides & presentations (
Tools, Framework, Projects, git repos
Videos (all the video on (Chris Williams - community.js / (Felix Geisendörfer - Dirty NoSQL) (Fabian Jakobs - Kick ass code editing and end to end JavaScript debugging) (Joe McCann - Rapid Prototyping for Multiple Platforms with JavaScript) (Mikeal Rogers - node.js + CouchDB == Crazy Delicious) (Nicolas Garcia Belmonte - Creating Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web) (by Philip Hofstetter- node.js in production use: (Paul Bakaus - Aves Engine: High performance browser games) (Sebastian Deutsch & Stephan Seidt - If it moves they will watch it) (Aaron Quint - The Front-end Takeover) (Ben Firshman - Lessons learnt pushing browsers to the limit) (Paul Irish - The State of HTML5 : Inaugural Address) (Pete LePage - Chakra: Building A New JavaScript Engine For Internet Explo) (Ryan Dahl - Techniques for a single stack world) (Rebecca Murphey - The jQuery Divide) (Rostislav Hristov - The Art of Deep Linking and AJAX Crawling) (Sebastian Werner - Introducing Unify - A Framework for Cross Platform Applications) (Peter Higgins - Your library sucks, and why you should use it) (Guillermo Rauch - Socket.IO: WebSockets for everyone) (Brian LeRoux - PhoneGap: Love the Web and Lose the SDK) (Jenn Lukas - JavaScript + Web Standards II: The Quickening) (Tim Caswell - Techniques and Tools for Taming Tangled Twisted Trains of Thought) (Alexander Lang - Not your unit test) (Jed Schmidt - Getting Functional with (fab)) (Tom Hughes-Croucher - Don't write spaghetti code in server side JavaScript) (BITALIZED)
Interesting hint by @pbakaus "Don't worry about today - pick technology from tomorrow!" #jsconf (
"non-blocking code is the position:absolute of JavaScript" -- @JedSchmidt (
"Stream is to time as Arrays are to space" @JedSchmidt (
how to release a new framework: change github repo from private to public during your presentation #jsconf (
Http:// is awesome, "the jQuery of WebSockets." even works with IE5.5 (I kid you not!) #jsconf (
pro tip: don't do live coding #jsconf (
"If you don't know how f*in awesome Node.js is, you should probably be at home coloring right now" --@joemccann #jsconf (
”’Does it run JavaScript’ is the new ‘Does it run Linux’” — @phiggins #jsconf (
"We as the elite have the obligation to teach the new members" ... this can be applied to many topics #community #jsconf (
"We are not rock stars, we are not ninjas, but we are friends" -- @voodootikigod #jsconf #community #noego (
"#jsconf was like JavaScript disney land – @jdalton" (
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