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Access to Globe Broadband's Azatech DSL5001EN Router

Globe 4G LTE (Internet Only)

Noob access to administer your local area network and wifi access:

username: user
password: @l03e1t3

Does anybody know access details to Admin?

Globe Broadband: Aztech DSL5001EN Router

By default, Globe doesn't even let you change your router's wifi password and doesn't give you full access to the router's capabilities and you're locked in to this crappy-unoptimised settings.

You will then call their hotline: 211 and customer service will only give you the credentials enough to change your router's password and the wifi. As you look around you'll find yourself frustrated not having the option to at least organize your ip-address ranger (e.g., ~, have no fear, the internet is here!.

Log out the noob access (username: user | password: user) and use the access details below.

username: admin
password: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e

make sure you only modify the shit you know, doing otherwise could fuck up your connection, and will end up with the customer service which is completely useless so you'll just ask for the technical guys to visit.

Globe Customer Service Hotline

You may call Globe's customer service via 2629 absolutely free, by free I meant you don't need to have that minimum Php 10.00 amount of load in your prepaid sim.

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very helpful

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Thanks. Admin password works.

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