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Last active May 6, 2020
Subpixel convolution is tf.depth_to_space
def _phase_shift(I, r):
bsize, a, b, c = I.get_shape().as_list()
X = tf.reshape(I, (bsize, a, b, r, r))
X = tf.transpose(X, (0, 1, 2, 4, 3)) # bsize, a, b, 1, 1
X = tf.split(1, a, X) # a, [bsize, b, r, r]
X = tf.concat(2, [tf.squeeze(x, [1]) for x in X]) # bsize, b, a*r, r
X = tf.split(1, b, X) # b, [bsize, a*r, r]
X = tf.concat(2, [tf.squeeze(x, [1]) for x in X]) # bsize, a*r, b*r
return tf.reshape(X, (bsize, a*r, b*r, 1))
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