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Dynamic LI's and Popups
$(document).on('pageshow', '#home', [], function () {
$("#addLiPopup").one("click", function () {
function injectLiAndPopup() {
var _UL = $.mobile.activePage.find(":jqmData(role=listview)");
var _LI = '<li><a><img class="rotate" src=""> <h1>Congratulations</h1> <p> MGMT </p> </a><a href="#congratulations" data-rel="popup" data-transition="flip">Details</a></li>';
var _POPUP = '<div data-role="popup" id="congratulations" data-theme="d" data-overlay-theme="b" class="ui-content" style="max-width:340px;"> <img src=""> </div>';
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