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import Foundation
import Reachability
//declare this property where it won't go out of scope relative to your listener
fileprivate var reachability: Reachability!
protocol ReachabilityActionDelegate {
func reachabilityChanged(_ isReachable: Bool)
protocol ReachabilityObserverDelegate: class, ReachabilityActionDelegate {
func addReachabilityObserver() throws
func removeReachabilityObserver()
// Declaring default implementation of adding/removing observer
extension ReachabilityObserverDelegate {
/** Subscribe on reachability changing */
func addReachabilityObserver() throws {
reachability = try Reachability()
reachability.whenReachable = { [weak self] reachability in
reachability.whenUnreachable = { [weak self] reachability in
try reachability.startNotifier()
/** Unsubscribe */
func removeReachabilityObserver() {
reachability = nil
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NerfBro commented Oct 5, 2019

What does "EventsManager.shared.removeListener(self)" do ?

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popcornomnom commented Oct 5, 2019

@NerfBro, oops, this shouldn't be here :)
I updated the gist

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rustam-773 commented Oct 17, 2019

can you show how to do this with more details?

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popcornomnom commented Oct 18, 2019

@rustam-773, you can see how to use the code above here. ☺️
ReachabilityHandler observes for Internet connection changes after calling addReachabilityObserver()

Details article

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surajkumarmandal commented Dec 12, 2019

reachability = Reachability() in line number 23 showing error "Call can throw, but it is not marked with 'try' and the error is not handled" in swift 5.

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popcornomnom commented Dec 12, 2019

@ surajkumarmandal thanks for the help, I have updated gist for Swift 5

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sarvesh829 commented Mar 29, 2022

How i can use this please comment

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