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PostgreSQL index naming convention to remember

The standard names for indexes in PostgreSQL are:


where the suffix is one of the following:

  • pkey for a Primary Key constraint;
  • key for a Unique constraint;
  • excl for an Exclusion constraint;
  • idx for any other kind of index;
  • fkey for a Foreign key;
  • check for a Check constraint;

Standard suffix for sequences is

seq for all sequences

Found here

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meglio commented Oct 8, 2021

Why not make all prefixes same length to ease readability?

That's what I do:


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And also, why not to make them prefix (not suffix) for better readability?

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It was found here:
Copied it to gist just in case (if I forget where to look for it)

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kozlovalex commented Jan 3, 2023

That's not so.

I created an index for the core_paymentdocument_2023_01_21 table and PG named it core_paymentdocument_2023_01__cashbox_number_currency_stat_idx.

I created an index for the core_paymentdocument_2023_01_22 table and PG named it core_paymentdocument_2023_01__cashbox_number_currency_stat_idx1.

Why did PG crop the table name?

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sher commented Jan 29, 2023

@kozlovalex index name length limit is 64 bytes.

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