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# add user "hwang"
# this method is old way on Ubuntu nowadays, for modern way of doing this, should use "adduser"
sudo useradd hwang -m -b /data/home -s /bin/bash
# add to group
sudo usermod -g dev hwang # For primary group "dev"
sudo usermod -a -G admin hwang # For secondary group "admin"
#add new user named "zhangshan"
sudo useradd zhangsan group001
#change password
sudo passwd zhangshan
## add/delete user from SGE user list
#add "zhangshan" to a userlist "arusers"
qconf -au zhangshan arusers
#show userlist "arusers" member to make sure previous set as expected
qconf -su arusers
#delete a user from userlist
qconf -du zhangshan arusers
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