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Last active Apr 28, 2019

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Making the same joke, over and over.

  • lattice minimum/maximum elements
  • function domains
  • secondary headings/titles
  • html subscripts
  • nintendo's newest console
  • nontermination
  • FRC 2018 field elements
  • compiler control flow graph analysis
  • web page document representation
  • text replacement
  • subtraction instruction
  • accessability option for movies
  • not dubs
  • suddenly in sheet music
  • 5th degree chords
  • 4th degree chords
  • the accessable part of the stack
  • long sandwich
  • underwater vehicle
  • "____ text"
  • mario block palace
  • skittles and m&ms
  • moba lanes
  • a segment of ip space
  • unix command that displays process resource usage
  • set contained in another set
  • vector space contained in a larger vector space
  • 4th scale tone
  • 5th scale tone
  • 6th scale tone
  • device used to open/close a circuit
  • main module of a logic design
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