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Rough browser version guide for Samsung Internet

v1.x (v1.0: Chromium 18, v1.5 & v1.6: Chromium 28)

v1 logo

Originally based on the stock Android browser (AOSP), 2012.

"It was around early 2013 when we made [the decision to move to Chromium]. We shipped our first Chromium-based browser in one of the Galaxy S4 models released later in 2013." (Source)

  • v1.0 preloaded in Galaxy S4
  • v1.5 preloaded in Galaxy Note 3
  • v1.6 preloaded in Galaxy S5

v1.6 available on Remote Test Lab Galaxy S5 LTE Adv on Android 4.4.2.

v2.x (Chromium 34)

v2 logo

  • v2.0 preloaded in Galaxy Note 4
  • v2.1 preloaded in Galaxy S5 (Android L upgrade)

v2.1 available on Remote Test Lab Note4 on Android 5.0.1.

v3.x (Chromium 38)

v3 logo

First version released in Play Store (2015). Changed to purple icon. Launched with S6.

v3.2 initially released in Play Store for S6 only, August 2015.

v3.0 available on Remote Test Lab Galaxy S6 on Android 5.0.2

v4.x (Chromium 44)

v4 logo

v4.0 shipped with S7 in 2016.

v4.0 available on Remote Test Lab Galaxy S4 on Android 5.0.1

v4.2 shipped with Galaxy Note 7.

v4.2 available on Remote Test Lab Galaxy S7 on Android 6.0.1

v5.0 (Chromium 51)

v5.0 logo

Started shipping December 2016. Further information here.

v5.2 (Chromium 51)

v5.0 logo

Initially released as a beta that developers could apply for, November 2016. Further information here.

v5.2+ logo

Released as stable with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, April 2017.

v5.4 (Chromium 51)

v5.2+ logo

Released as an open beta in March 2017. Further information here.

Released as stable, May 2017. First version to support some non-Samsung devices: Nexus and Pixel phones. Further information here.

v6.x (Chromium 56)

v5.2+ logo

Initially released as a public beta, August 2017. Released to stable in October 2017. First version to support all Android (5.0 Lollipop onwards) phones. [More information here].

v7.x (Chromium 59)

v5.2+ logo

v7.2 released as a public beta, March 2018.

v7.0 shipped with the Galaxy S9, March 2018.


See the Play Store descriptions for supported devices:

Release notes

Release notes from v3.0 are available on the developer website.

Other resources

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queengooborg commented Apr 14, 2019

Great resource, thank you for this! I used this in a pull request for MDN's browser compat data to add the engines of a browser into the browsers themselves, allowing for easier mapping of feature implementation. I also got some additional data for 8.x and 9.x, if you'd like to compare research. 😉

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