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poslegm/.vimrc Secret

Created Jun 13, 2017
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set nocompatible
filetype off
let $PATH = $PATH . ':' . expand("~/.local/bin")
set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
call vundle#begin()
" =============== Plugins start ===============
" Utils
Plugin 'VundleVim/Vundle.vim'
" Status line
Plugin 'vim-airline/vim-airline'
Plugin 'vim-airline/vim-airline-themes'
" Shell
Plugin 'Shougo/vimproc.vim'
Plugin 'Shougo/vimshell.vim'
" File tree
Plugin 'scrooloose/nerdtree'
" File search
Plugin 'kien/ctrlp.vim'
" Git
Plugin 'tpope/vim-fugitive'
" Colors
Plugin 'nanotech/jellybeans.vim'
" Autocomplete
Plugin 'Shougo/neocomplete.vim'
Plugin 'ervandew/supertab'
" Syntax checking
Plugin 'w0rp/ale'
" lexical check
Plugin 'reedes/vim-lexical'
" exuberant-ctags
Plugin 'xolox/vim-easytags'
Plugin 'xolox/vim-misc'
Plugin 'majutsushi/tagbar'
" Fast commenting
Plugin 'scrooloose/nerdcommenter'
" For :UndotreeToggle
Plugin 'mbbill/undotree'
" For :Replace
Plugin 'dkprice/vim-easygrep'
" Auto-close brackets
Plugin 'Townk/vim-autoclose'
Plugin 'alvan/vim-closetag'
" Python
Plugin 'davidhalter/jedi-vim'
" some formats
Plugin 'elzr/vim-json'
Plugin 'pangloss/vim-javascript'
Plugin 'vim-ruby/vim-ruby'
Plugin 'fatih/vim-go'
Plugin 'neovimhaskell/haskell-vim'
" =============== Plugins end ===============
call vundle#end()
" =============== Visual ===============
set t_Co=256
colorscheme jellybeans
syntax on
set number
set cursorline
set hlsearch
set incsearch
set wildmenu
set visualbell
if has('mouse')
set mouse=a
" status line
set laststatus=2
let g:airline_theme='minimalist'
let g:airline_section_warning=airline#section#create(['ycm_warning_count'])
" font settings for airline
let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1
if !exists('g:airline_symbols')
let g:airline_symbols = {}
let g:airline_left_sep = '»'
let g:airline_left_sep = ''
let g:airline_right_sep = '«'
let g:airline_right_sep = ''
let g:airline_symbols.branch = ''
let g:airline_symbols.paste = 'ρ'
let g:airline_symbols.paste = 'Þ'
let g:airline_symbols.paste = ''
let g:airline_symbols.whitespace = 'Ξ'
" airline symbols
let g:airline_left_sep = ''
let g:airline_left_alt_sep = ''
let g:airline_right_sep = ''
let g:airline_right_alt_sep = ''
let g:airline_symbols.branch = ''
let g:airline_symbols.readonly = ''
function! LinterStatus() abort
let l:counts = ale#statusline#Count(bufnr(''))
let l:all_errors = l:counts.error + l:counts.style_error
let l:all_non_errors = - l:all_errors
return == 0 ? 'OK' : printf(
\ '%dW %dE',
\ all_non_errors,
\ all_errors
set statusline=%{LinterStatus()}
" =============== Editor ===============
set nowrap
set ignorecase " ignore case on search
set smartcase " gnore case if search pattern is all lowercase, case-sens otherwise
set lazyredraw " don't redraw while executing macros (good performance config)
set hidden " hide buffers instead of closing
set nobackup
set noswapfile
" Configure backspace so it acts as it should act
set backspace=eol,start,indent
set history=500
set undolevels=500
set autoindent
set expandtab
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
autocmd Filetype scala setlocal ts=4 sw=4 autoindent
" enable plugins by filetypes
filetype plugin on
filetype plugin indent on
" autocomplete
let g:neocomplete#enable_at_startup = 1
let g:neocomplete#enable_smart_case = 1
let g:neocomplete#sources#syntax#min_keyword_length = 3
" auto close buffers after cursor movement
autocmd CursorMovedI * if pumvisible() == 0|pclose|endif
autocmd InsertLeave * if pumvisible() == 0|pclose|endif
" auto close html tags
let g:closetag_html_style=1
let g:easytags_async = 1
let g:lexical#spell = 1
augroup lexical
autocmd FileType markdown,mkd call lexical#init()
autocmd FileType textile call lexical#init()
autocmd FileType text call lexical#init({ 'spell': 0 })
augroup END
let g:lexical#spelllang = ['en_us', 'ru_ru',]
" =============== Shortcuts ===============
let mapleader=","
" Copy and past over clipboards
vmap <F2> "+y
nmap <F3> "+p
" Allow to copy/paste between VIM instances
" "copy the current visual selection to ~/.vbuf
vmap <Leader>y :w! ~/.vbuf<CR>
" "copy the current line to the buffer file if no visual selection
nmap <Leader>y :.w! ~/.vbuf<CR>
" "paste the contents of the buffer file
nmap <Leader>p :r ~/.vbuf<CR>
nmap <silent> // :nohlsearch<CR>
" upper/lower word
nmap <leader>u mQviwU`Q
nmap <leader>l mQviwu`Q
" toggle wrap and nowrap
nmap <silent> <leader>tw :set invwrap<CR>:set wrap?<CR>
" toggle paste mode
nmap <silent> <F4> :set invpaste<CR>:set paste?<CR>
imap <silent> <F4> <ESC>:set invpaste<CR>:set paste?<CR>
" find merge conflict markers
nmap <silent> <leader>fc <ESC>/\v^[<=>]{7}( .*\|$)<CR>
nmap <silent> <leader><leader> :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
nmap <silent> <leader>z :UndotreeToggle<CR>
nmap <F6> :TagbarToggle<CR>
nmap <silent> <C-k> <Plug>(ale_previous_wrap)
nmap <silent> <C-j> <Plug>(ale_next_wrap)
nnoremap <C-_> :call NERDComment(0,"toggle")<CR>
vnoremap <C-_> :call NERDComment(0,"toggle")<CR>
" =============== Utils ===============
" Keep undo history across sessions, by storing in file.
" Only works all the time.
if has('persistent_undo')
silent !mkdir ~/.vim/backups > /dev/null 2>&1
set undodir=~/.vim/backups
set undofile
let g:vimshell_user_prompt = 'fnamemodify(getcwd(), ":~")'
let g:vimshell_prompt = '$ '
if filereadable(expand("~/.vimrc.after"))
source ~/.vimrc.after
" =============== Languages ===============
autocmd FileType python nnoremap <leader>= :0,$!yapf<CR>
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