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Example use of character import in shadowcraft script
from import_character import CharacterData
character_data = CharacterData('eu', 'Silvermoon', 'Aylje')
test_race = race.Race(character_data.get_race())
test_mh = stats.Weapon(*character_data.get_mh())
test_oh = stats.Weapon(*character_data.get_oh())
# TODO procs are hardcoded for now
#test_procs = procs.ProcsList(*character_data.get_procs())
test_procs = procs.ProcList('relic_of_xuen', 'searing_words')
character_stats = character_data.get_stats()
test_stats = stats.Stats(*(character_stats + [test_mh, test_oh, test_procs, test_gear_buffs]), pvp_power=0, pvp_resil=0, pvp_target_armor=None)
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