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DEFCON 2014 Writeup byhd
from struct import unpack
stack = []
base_addr = 0x605000
start_addr = 0x60e240
mem = open("hoge.bin").read()
dic = {}
def search_tree(addr, route):
new_addr_l = unpack("<I", mem[addr-base_addr:addr-base_addr+4])[0]
if (new_addr_l == 0) :
val = unpack("<I", mem[addr-base_addr+16:addr-base_addr+20])[0]
dic[val] = list(route)
else :
search_tree(new_addr_l, route+[0])
new_addr_r = unpack("<I", mem[addr-base_addr+8:addr-base_addr+12])[0]
search_tree(new_addr_r, route+[1])
search_tree(start_addr, []);
print dic
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