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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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check positive span for 4 fingers using Qhull
using namespace orgQhull;
bool isPositiveSpan(const Point3d &n1,const Point3d &n2,const Point3d &n3,const Point3d &n4){
Qhull qhull;
realT points[12]={n1.x,n1.y,n1.z,n2.x,n2.y,n2.z,n3.x,n3.y,n3.z,n4.x,n4.y,n4.z};
vector<QhullFacet> facets=qhull.facetList().toStdVector();
for(const QhullFacet &facet : qhull.facetList().toStdVector())
if(facet.getFacetT()->offset>=0) return false;
return true;

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@potpath potpath commented Oct 7, 2014


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