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Created August 28, 2012 20:23
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Robolectric does not support loading resources from an Android Library project such as ActionBarSherlock of FlyInMenu, so this patch allows you to specify a library project to load resources in tests.
// In I added the following method:
public void loadLibraryProjectResources(File libraryProjectRoot) throws Exception {
File systemResourceDir = getSystemResourceDir(getPathToAndroidResources());
File localValueResourceDir = getValueResourceDir(libraryProjectRoot);
File systemValueResourceDir = getValueResourceDir(systemResourceDir);
loadStringResources(localValueResourceDir, systemValueResourceDir);
loadPluralsResources(localValueResourceDir, systemValueResourceDir);
loadValueResources(localValueResourceDir, systemValueResourceDir);
loadDimenResources(localValueResourceDir, systemValueResourceDir);
loadIntegerResource(localValueResourceDir, systemValueResourceDir);
loadViewResources(systemResourceDir, libraryProjectRoot);
// Then you need a custom test runner such as:
public class MyTestRunner extends RobolectricTestRunner {
public MyTestRunner(Class<?> testClass) throws InitializationError {
@Override public void beforeTest(Method method) {
try {
Robolectric.getShadowApplication().getResourceLoader().loadLibraryProjectResources(new File("submodules/flyinmenu/library/res"));
} catch (Exception e) {
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Where does the getSystemResourceDir comes from? Could you please provide the complete java file including the imports?

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