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FORK: Python version of Ruby script to preprocess tweets for use in GloVe featurization
python "Some random text with #hashtags, @mentions and (links). :)"
Script for preprocessing tweets by Romain Paulus
with small modifications by Jeffrey Pennington
with translation to Python by Motoki Wu
Translation of Ruby script to create features for GloVe vectors for Twitter data.
import sys
import regex as re
def hashtag(text):
text =
hashtag_body = text[1:]
if hashtag_body.isupper():
result = " {} ".format(hashtag_body.lower())
result = " ".join(["<hashtag>"] + re.split(r"(?=[A-Z])", hashtag_body, flags=FLAGS))
return result
def allcaps(text):
text =
return text.lower() + " <allcaps>"
def tokenize(text):
# Different regex parts for smiley faces
eyes = r"[8:=;]"
nose = r"['`\-]?"
# function so code less repetitive
def re_sub(pattern, repl):
return re.sub(pattern, repl, text, flags=FLAGS)
text = re_sub(r"https?:\/\/\S+\b|www\.(\w+\.)+\S*", "<url>")
text = re_sub(r"@\w+", "<user>")
text = re_sub(r"{}{}[)dD]+|[)dD]+{}{}".format(eyes, nose, nose, eyes), "<smile>")
text = re_sub(r"{}{}p+".format(eyes, nose), "<lolface>")
text = re_sub(r"{}{}\(+|\)+{}{}".format(eyes, nose, nose, eyes), "<sadface>")
text = re_sub(r"{}{}[\/|l*]".format(eyes, nose), "<neutralface>")
text = re_sub(r"/"," / ")
text = re_sub(r"<3","<heart>")
text = re_sub(r"[-+]?[.\d]*[\d]+[:,.\d]*", "<number>")
text = re_sub(r"#\S+", hashtag)
text = re_sub(r"([!?.]){2,}", r"\1 <repeat>")
text = re_sub(r"\b(\S*?)(.)\2{2,}\b", r"\1\2 <elong>")
## -- I just don't understand why the Ruby script adds <allcaps> to everything so I limited the selection.
# text = re_sub(r"([^a-z0-9()<>'`\-]){2,}", allcaps)
text = re_sub(r"([A-Z]){2,}", allcaps)
return text.lower()
if __name__ == '__main__':
_, text = sys.argv
if text == "test":
text = "I TEST alllll kinds of #hashtags and #HASHTAGS, @mentions and 3000 ( w/ <3 :) haha!!!!!"
tokens = tokenize(text)
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ppope commented Feb 20, 2018

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ppope commented Feb 20, 2018

Edited original to accommodate comments in original thread.

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ratihpp commented Sep 10, 2019

thank you so much! this works beautifully on python3 👍

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