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High difference in classifier accuracies with LinearSVC and SVC v2
"""High difference in classifier accuracies with LinearSVC and SVC.
Get data.npz from [1].
print __doc__
import numpy as np
from functools import partial
from scipy import sparse
from scikits.learn import svm
from scikits.learn.grid_search import GridSearchCV
from scikits.learn.metrics.metrics import f1_score
from scikits.learn.cross_val import StratifiedKFold
from scikits.learn.preprocessing import Scaler
# Initialize default C and gamma values
C_start, C_end, C_step = -3, 4, 2
if __name__ == "__main__":
cross_fold = 10
A = np.load("data.npz")
Y = A["arr_1"]
X = A["arr_0"]
print "X.shape=", X.shape
print "Y.shape=", Y.shape
folds = StratifiedKFold(Y, cross_fold, indices=True)
train, test = iter(StratifiedKFold(Y, 2, indices=True)).next()
# standardize data - try to comment this out to see the effect!
scaler = Scaler()[train])
X[train] = scaler.transform(X[train], copy=False)
X[test] = scaler.transform(X[test], copy=False)
# make X sparse
X = sparse.csr_matrix(X)
# Generate grid search values for C, gamma
C_val = 2. ** np.arange(C_start, C_end + C_step, C_step)
tol_val = [0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001]
params = {'C': C_val, 'tol': tol_val}
for clf_class in [svm.sparse.LinearSVC, partial(svm.sparse.SVC,
grid_clf = clf_class()
print "_" * 80
print grid_clf
grid_search = GridSearchCV(grid_clf, params, score_func=f1_score)[train], Y[train],
10, indices=True))
y_true, y_pred = Y[test], grid_search.predict(X[test])
print "Classification report for the best estimator: "
print grid_search.best_estimator
print "Tuned for with optimal f1-score: %0.3f" % f1_score(y_true,
print "Best score: %0.3f" % grid_search.best_score
best_parameters = grid_search.best_estimator._get_params()
print "Best C: %0.3f " % best_parameters['C']
print "Best tolerance: %0.16f " % best_parameters['tol']
clf = clf_class(C=best_parameters['C'], tol=best_parameters['tol'])
print clf[train], Y[train])
y_pred = clf.predict(X[test])
print "Accuracy:\t%.4f" % (y_true == y_pred).mean()
print "F-Score:\t%.4f" % f1_score(y_true, y_pred)
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