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Last active December 13, 2019 06:05
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public class SchedulerPageViewModel
private DateTime appointmentStartTime = new DateTime(2019, 12, 9, 12, 0, 0);
public IList<Meeting> Meetings { get; set; }
public SchedulerPageViewModel()
Meetings = new List<Meeting>
new Meeting("General Meeting", "Online", appointmentStartTime),
new Meeting("Release Retrospective", "Office", appointmentStartTime.AddDays(1).AddHours(-3)),
new Meeting("Sprint Meeting", "Online", appointmentStartTime.AddDays(2).AddHours(2)),
new Meeting("Release Planning", "Online", appointmentStartTime.AddDays(1).AddHours(-2)),
new Meeting("General Meeting", "Office",appointmentStartTime.AddDays(1).AddHours(1)),
new Meeting("Customer Meeting", "Online", appointmentStartTime.AddDays(2)),
new Meeting("Sprint Meeting", "Office", appointmentStartTime.AddDays(3).AddHours(4)),
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