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Organization - LibreHealth

Project - Develop an Android application to show birth registration & newborn health data

Student - Prajwal S Belagavi


This project aims to develop an Android application for mothers and guardians of newborn babies in Kenya to receive and display birth information and elements of essential newborn care, such as immunization records. The underlying technology is Evernym's open-source tool-kit based on self-sovereign identity (SSI) principles.

The mobile application to be designed and developed will act as a client-side application and will show birth details and health-related information for each child in an approachable, logical and user-friendly way. Once deployed as part of the NeoLinkID system, a verifiable credential will be issued to the mother or guardian creating, in SSI format, the first step in the real-world birth registration process and capturing certain elements of essential newborn care.

The project also has an informant app in demo mode. This app allows the guardian to scan the qr code and connect to the informant. Then, the informant would be able to give credentials to the connected guardian.

Librehealth Project Repository

  • Link to the Project

What was done:

During these three months, I have:

  • Designed the UI of the guardian app using figma.
  • Developed a native android application for the guardian using java and kotlin.
  • Implemented DEMO mode in guardian app with dummy credentials.
  • Implementing(WIP) LIVE mode by integrating Evernym's mobile SDK into the guardian app.
  • Created a Informant app using Flutter, which in future can be used to give credentials to the Guardian app.

Merge Requests

Guardian App

  1. DEMO mode-1 - Created UI with Dummy Data - status:-Merged

  2. DEMO mode-2 - This MR contains minor changes done to the demo mode of the guardian app - status:-Merged

  3. LIVE mode(WIP) - This MR contains the integration of the Evernym's mobile SDK into the app - status:-Merged

Informant App

  1. DEMO mode - This MR contains the UI of the informant app - status:-Merged

What after GSoC

This project was just the beginning of the birth registration system. There still a lot of work that needs to be done before it is used by actual guardians/mothers. I would be contributing to the project on a regualar basis.

The immediate future plan would be participate in hacktoberfest, allow participants to get a better understanding about the project and let them solve issues.

To My Mentors

I would like to thank my mentors, Iain Barclay, Swapna Krishnakumar, Maria Freytsis, Sherri Bucher and Robby O Connor for their support and guidance. It was a roller coaster of a journey, with success and failures. However, with continous support from them, I was able to complete the project.


To get more information regarding the project, visit the LibreHealth Forums.

I also have my very own blog site, which contains articles of my GSoC journey.

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