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Bibliography for the 2018 "small IT" talk
  • Google Presentation Link []
  • PDF Presentation Link []
  • "Ottawa turns to U.S. tech giants too often: internal memo" []
  • "Government as a Platform: the next phase of digital transformation" []
  • DevOps Real Talk [] "incremental change, tight feedback loops, shared knowledge, and mutual respect" "If you're a developer releasing large changesets, you're part of the problem."
  • The Government IT Self-Harm Playbook []
  • Better For Less (UK IT) []
  • Government reviews IT contract strategy as ‘opaque’ outsourcing deals are set to expire []
  • Managing custom software development in government when you're not a software engineer []
  • Things I have Learned at a Multinational []
  • How To Survive a Ground-Up Rewrite Without Losing Your Sanity []
  • Products over Projects [] "For instance, many companies that sell software as a product or a service do not fund or organize their core product/platform development in the form of projects. Instead, they run product development and support using near-permanent teams for as long as the product is sold in the market. "
  • and the Gulf Between Planning and Reality [] "The vision of “technology” as something you can buy according to a plan, then have delivered as if it were coming off a truck, flatters and relieves managers who have no idea and no interest in how this stuff works, but it’s also a breeding ground for disaster. "
  • "Amazon is hundreds of small, decentralized, atomized teams sitting on top of standardised common internal systems." []
  • The next big thing in IT procurement []
  • Iain Patterson steps down [] "He was widely credited with drafting the Ocean Liner report, a review of the government's strategy for IT contracts, which found that some deals provide little incentive for suppliers to improve efficiency."
  • Don't believe the hype: UK's £455m Government Digital Service lacks a clear role – fresh audit []
  • Citizens' Services Minister Sims Mandate Letter []
  • Obama's Trauma Team []
  • US Digital Service, 18F [] []
  • More delays, cost overruns hit Vancouver electronic health project []
  • Adrian Dix tells "On the Island" about big IT []
  • Joel Spolky's 12 steps to better code []
  • Why you should almost never rewrite []
  • Things you should never do - Part I []
  • What Really Happened with Windows Vista []
  • Take Smaller Bites []
  • Going "All In" on IT Projects []
  • Is building enterprise systems a capital expense? []
  • COTS Uber Alles []
  • BCeSIS: A Modest Proposal []
  • Intellectual Capital vs Intellectual Property []
  • "Innovative" government IT []
  • Open source by/for government []
  • BC government IT outsourcing, 2016/17 []
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