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Created Jan 16, 2012
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Function that generates sound of parameter frequency
from struct import pack
from math import sin, pi
import time
from populate import _listen_
def _play_(name, freq, dur, vol, mode='ab'):
""" Generate sound with frequency freq, duration dur, and volume vol """
_dump_ = open(name, mode)
_dump_.write('.snd' + pack('>5L', 24, 8*dur, 2, 8000, 1))
_factor_ = 2 * pi * freq/8000
for count in range(8 * dur):
_wave_ = sin(count * _factor_)
_dump_.write(pack('b', vol * 64 * _wave_))
if __name__=="__main__":
_play_("", 50, 1000, 1, 'ab')
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