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Created Jan 16, 2012
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Generating sound and appending it to a .au file
import populate
import sound
import random
populate._listen_(27.5, 5000, 1.059463094, 21)
_beats_ = 4
_intervalLength_ = random.choice(range(1,5))*1000
_interval_ = 0
_noteLength_ = random.choice([500,1000,2000,3000,4000,5000])
_barLength_ = _beats_ * (_intervalLength_ + _noteLength_)
_CmajorArpeggio_ = ['C3','E3','G3','B3']
_note_ = []
for base in range(1, _beats_+1):
for repeat in range(1,3):
for base in range(1, _beats_+1):
sound._play_("", populate._freq_[_note_[base-1]], _noteLength_, 1, 'ab')
sound._play_("", 0, _interval_, 1, 'ab')
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