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Solving Problems

Prateek Pandey prateekpandey14

Solving Problems
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prateekpandey14 / validatingwebhook.yaml
Last active Oct 10, 2019
Generate admission webhook certs
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1. Create a signed cert/key pair and store it in a Kubernetes `secret` that
will be consumed by admission-webhook deployment
$ ./ \
--service admission-server-svc \
--secret admission-server-certs \
--namespace openebs
2. Patch the ValidatingWebhookConfiguration by set `caBundle` with correct value from Kubernetes cluster

1. Do kubectl exec inside the cstor-pool-mgmt using command and install parted

Get the pool pod name using kubectl get pods -n openebs command and exec inside the container. Install the parted tool using apt-get install parted after execing into the cstor-pool-mgmt container.

$ kubectl exec -it cstor-pool-1fth-7fbbdfc747-sh25t -n openebs -c cstor-pool-mgmt bash
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