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Created Apr 27, 2019
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stage('Checkout') {
steps {
checkout scm
sh ' cd devops/terraform/modules/ec2/'
sh """ sed -i '/instance_type=.*/c instance_type='\""${instance_type}"\"'' terraform.tfvars
sed -i '/key_pair=.*/c key_pair='\""${key_pair}"\"'' terraform.tfvars
sed -i '/ami_name=.*/c ami_name='\""${ami_name}"\"'' terraform.tfvars
sed -i '/subnet=.*/c subnet='\""${subnet}"\"'' terraform.tfvars
sed -i '/root_vol_size=.*/c root_vol_size='\""${root_vol_size}"\"'' terraform.tfvars
sed -i '/root_vol_delete_on_termination=.*/c root_vol_delete_on_termination='\""${root_vol_delete_on_termination}"\"'' terraform.tfvars
} }
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