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Praveen Kumar M praveenkumarpgiindia

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praveenkumarpgiindia / CI_vs_CP.R
Created Oct 28, 2018 — forked from Lakens/CI_vs_CP.R
confidence intervals vs capture percentages
View CI_vs_CP.R
n=20 #set sample size
nSims<-100000 #set number of simulations
x<-rnorm(n = n, mean = 100, sd = 15) #create sample from normal distribution
CIU<-mean(x)+qt(0.975, df = n-1)*sd(x)*sqrt(1/n)
View PlotScopusData.R
#Save downloaded Scopus data in your working directory
plot1<-ggplot(scopusdata, aes( +
geom_histogram(colour="#535353", fill="#84D5F0", binwidth=2) +
xlab("Number of Citations") + ylab("Number of Articles") +
ggtitle("Citation Data for Psychological Science 2011-2015") +
coord_cartesian(xlim = c(-5, 250))
praveenkumarpgiindia / Meta-Analysis in R
Created Oct 28, 2018 — forked from Lakens/Meta-Analysis in R
Perform a meta-analysis in R
View Meta-Analysis in R
#Script based on Carter & McCullough (2014) doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00823
#Load Libraries
#Insert effect sizes and sample sizes
praveenkumarpgiindia / 4study_meta_50%_true_effects.R
Created Oct 28, 2018 — forked from Lakens/4study_meta_50%_true_effects.R
Internal meta-analysis on 4 studies, 50% of which are true effects
View 4study_meta_50%_true_effects.R
nSims <- 1000000 #number of simulated experiments
numberstudies<-4 # nSim/numberofstudies should be whole number
p <-numeric(nSims) #set up empty container for all simulated p-values
metapran <-numeric(nSims/numberstudies) #set up empty container for all simulated p-values for random effects MA
metapfix <-numeric(nSims/numberstudies) #set up empty container for all simulated p-values for fixed effects MA
heterog.p<-numeric(nSims/numberstudies) #set up empty container for test for heterogeneity
d <-numeric(nSims) #set up empty container for all simulated d's
View p-value_misconceptions_figures.R
options(scipen=999) #disable scientific notation for numbers
#Figure 1 & 2 (set to N <- 5000 for Figure 2)
# Set x-axis upper and lower scalepoint (to do: automate)
#Set sample size per group and effect size d (assumes equal sample sizes per group)
N<-50 #sample size per group for indepndent t-test
praveenkumarpgiindia / emailing_students_from_R.R
Created Oct 28, 2018 — forked from Lakens/emailing_students_from_R.R
Emailing students from R using mailR package
View emailing_students_from_R.R
#Load packages
#Read student data
info <- read_excel("student_names_email.xls",
sheet = 1,
col_names = TRUE)
#Loop from 1 to the number of email addresses in the spreadsheet
View metaanalysis.r
## meta analysis, sample size based
metaZn = function(zdisc,zrepl,ndisc,nrepl)
## calculate meta analysis Zscore
## zdisc and zrepl are zscores in the discovery and replication sets respectively
## ndisc and nrepl are sample sizes in the discovery and replication sets
wdisc = sqrt(ndisc)
wrepl = sqrt(nrepl)
( zdisc * wdisc + zrepl * wrepl )/sqrt( wdisc^2 + wrepl^2 )
View logistic_regression.R
# Load the raw training data and replace missing values with NA <- read.csv('train.csv',header=T,na.strings=c(""))
# Output the number of missing values for each column
sapply(,function(x) sum(
# Quick check for how many different values for each feature
sapply(, function(x) length(unique(x)))
# A visual way to check for missing data
praveenkumarpgiindia /
Created Aug 17, 2018 — forked from mrkline/
An intro to C# for a Python developer. Made for one of my coworkers.

C# For Python Programmers

Syntax and core concepts

Basic Syntax

  • Single-line comments are started with //. Multi-line comments are started with /* and ended with */.

  • C# uses braces ({ and }) instead of indentation to organize code into blocks. If a block is a single line, the braces can be omitted. For example,

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