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Use as "port -F file.txt"
install perl5 +threads
install apache2
install mod_perl2
install mysql5
install ImageMagick +no_x11 +perl
install p5-libwww-perl
install p5-dbi
install p5-dbd-mysql
install p5-net-dns
install p5-try-tiny
install p5-digest-md5
install p5-html-parser
install p5-archive-tar
install p5-archive-zip
install p5-io-zlib
install p5-io-compress
install p5-net
install p5-mime-tools
install p5-tie-ixhash
install p5-xml-simple
install p5-datetime
install p5-time-hires
install p5-datetime-format-strptime
install p5-datetime-format-mail
install p5-log-log4perl
install p5-perl-ldap
install p5-html-tagfilter
install p5-html-template
install p5-template-toolkit
install p5-json
install p5-json-xs
install p5-text-csv_xs
install p5-net-cidr-lite
install p5-finance-quote
install p5-uri
install p5-scalar-list-utils
install p5-text-aspell
install p5-class-insideout
install p5-image-exiftool
install p5-path-class
install p5-exception-class
install p5-list-moreutils
install p5-file-path
install p5-module-find
install p5-class-c3
install p5-params-validate
install p5-clone
install p5-crypt-ssleay
install p5-scope-guard
install p5-digest-sha
install p5-readonly
install p5-test-harness
install p5-cache-fastmmap
install p5-test-tester
install p5-io-socket-ssl
install p5-net-twitter
install p5-perlio-eol
install p5-data-ical
install p5-test-simple
install p5-test-mockobject
install p5-test-deep
install p5-test-longstring
install p5-test-exception
install p5-test-differences
install p5-pod-coverage
install p5-text-balanced
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