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Last active May 11, 2017 07:05
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CPAN Testers To-Do

To-Do List

Major Problems:

  • PROB-1: Performance of main generate task
    • The main generate task is barely keeping up with the incoming reports. A cursory examination reveals nothing that can be easily improved without parallelization.
    • Solution: Refactor into a Minion task that can be parallelized using Beam::Minion
    • Critical chain: BACKEND-1 API-3 BACKEND-2
  • PROB-2: AmazonDB SimpleDB Metabase is expensive (money wise)
    • Solution: Make new API to write to local Metabase cache
    • Make backend generate task read from local Metabase cache instead of remote Amazon SimpleDB
    • Critical chain: SCHEMA-1 API-1 API-2
  • PROB-3: view-report.cgi has very poor performance
    • Solution: Make new app using Mojolicious for this one page
    • Critical chain: WEB-1 SCHEMA-3 WEB-2
    • In progress by @glasswalk3r
  • PROB-4: Existing website is difficult to navigate and maintain
    • Solution: A new website using Mojolicious
    • New website must maintain all existing APIs
      • But will not maintain any existing HTML, so if anyone's scraping they've had years and years to stop scraping
  • PROB-5: Backend is disorganized and shares very little code and configuration
    • Solution: Build small, reusable ETL components using Beam::Runner
    • Copy the code from the existing backend into new modules
    • Beam::Wire allows for sharing of configuration files
    • Clean up and share code by using CPAN::Testers::Schema

To-Do List:

  • SCHEMA-1: Add read/write metabase cache methods to schema
  • SCHEMA-2: Allow metabase table to have no report id
    • This allows us to store data in this table before it's processed by the backend
    • This requires us to start storing schema upgrades/changes using DBIC::DeploymentHandler
  • API-1: Make new Metabase API
    • This API will replace the existing Metabase API but write to the local mysql metabase cache instead
    • This is almost completed and needs robust testing with existing reporters
    • Requires SCHEMA-2
    • cpan-testers/cpantesters-api#3
  • BACKEND-1: Copy "generate" task into new module that uses Beam::Runner
  • API-2: Design a new incoming test report document schema
    • Since we're not using the Metabase anymore, we can make a JSON document that is simpler and more flexible
    • This will need coordination with the Reporters. Talk to Garu during the toolchain summit
    • This needs to be expressed as an OpenAPI schema
    • cpan-testers/cpantesters-api#5
  • API-3: Make new Metabase API use Schema metabase APIs
    • This will allow us to make a better raw report format
    • Requires SCHEMA-1
    • This can be done as part of SCHEMA-1, since the code for SCHEMA-1 will be copied from there
    • cpan-testers/cpantesters-api#4
  • API-4: Add incoming Metabase reports websocket feed
    • This allows us to trigger generate jobs
    • This should use the new report format that we develop so we don't have to make a second version when that report format happens
    • Refs PROB-1
    • Requires API-2
    • cpan-testers/cpantesters-api#6
  • BACKEND-2: Queue generate jobs for each incoming report using Beam::Minion
  • BACKEND-3: Make "generate" task use new metabase schema API
  • SCHEMA-3: Make easier-to-use stored raw report
    • By storing the plain text report in a more useful way, we can improve the performance of viewing the plain text report
    • Refs PROB-3
    • Requires API-3 BACKEND-3
    • cpan-testers/cpantesters-schema#5
  • WEB-1: Make view-report.cgi replacement
  • WEB-2: Make view-report.cgi replacement pre-store the almost-ready-to-serve form of the report
  • BACKEND-4: Make CPAN/BackPAN mirrors deployed as part of the backend
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